What Love

    Would Say

Meet Connie Munde

One of the most astounding aspects from award winning author, Connie Munde, is her deep knowledge that her own life has been filled with the unconditional love of family and friends and spirit. One night while praying for Peace on Earth, she had an ecstatic vision that inspired What Love Would Say. That vision affirmed that Love is the ONLY thing that is truly real in our lives. “I was in awe. The entire concept of the book came to me as clearly as if it had been floating above my head.” When doing book readings, Connie is often accompanied by her delightful collaborator, Dali Ka Ni (pronounced Dolly Connie), who represents her eternal spirit. Back at home, Connie and her spouse run Shepherd Sanctuary - a sacred and healing space in Texas for retreats, weddings, and special events.

Meet the Author