What Love

    Would Say

Meet Dali Ka Ni

I live an absolutely charmed existence. I come from what you would call your future, from a place you know of as Shangri La. I came to earth on a beam of light! I can’t tell you much about that other than it was really fast, incredibly bright, and I passed out. My mission is to bring forth these sacred messages to share with as many people as possible.

It is indeed my great honor to present the What Love Would Say. These writings will help to unify mankind in an overture for a symphony of heaven on earth! The time for unity is now.

I am just a simple puppet with a role to play. I will span time, for I will never age. And I resolve to use my life to promote love, light, and unity, with no strings attached. (Ha, a little hand puppet humor.) 

But seriously, how great a gig is that?!

Read What Love Would Say every day for a love affair with life for life! 

Love and Light to us all.
Dali Ka Ni
No, I’m not kidding. I’m just cute.

Meet Dali Ka Ni