What Love Would Say is a love story for children of all ages as shared by LOVE itself. Read this book daily to your child, even if that child is You. Inside find messages of empowerment such as - "You are Light slowed down enough to matter…So the hand of the Creator may touch You…And You may touch back." Each message is written in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. Transcending language, social, political, religious, and age boundaries, these basics nurture a global humanity. Connie Munde says, “What Love Would Say will not save the world, but everyone who embraces these messages of love and unity will.”

What Love Would Say won the Nautilus Silver Medal for Children's Illustrated Non-fiction of 2016! Click the Silver Medal to learn more!

What Love Would Say has also been a finalist in the da Vinci Eye awards of 2017! Click the gold seal to learn more!


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